Arteak is an international company with expertise in HSSE consulting and specialized in operational services.

Our headquarters are in London and we are currently providing our services in 21 countries worldwide.

Since 2011 we have been delivering innovative services and projects for the oil and gas, construction, shipbuilding, energy, transport, chemical, pharmaceutical, telecommunications industries and plant maintenance.

What We Provide:

Arteak provide global, complete and independent vision on HSSE management systems, as well as an in-depth vertical analysis, this allows us to detect the gaps in the processes, assets, competency and safety culture of an organisation.

Designing tailored solutions and services We have a proven track record of achieving solid and measurable results, being able to demonstrate the improvement of clients performances and the protection of people, assets and the environment.


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Our organization has its roots in a Centre of Excellence, composed of a pool of expert personnel and a network of international professionals.

The Arteak Centre of Excellence includes highly qualified HSSE managers, assessors, auditors, safety coordinators, safety instructors, engineers, and highly specialised operational technicians.

Our operations teams include IRATA rope access technicians, professional industrial rescuers, emergency medical technician, search and rescue technicians, firefighters.

We provide international personnel able to deliver services worldwide, combining competence on internationally recognized industry standards with compliance to requirements set by local legislations.

Arteak’s technicians are professionals with diversified specialisations and with a strong vocation to work in the field, because in the field the shortcomings are highlighted and in the field or client’s personnel better recognize the importance of adopting best safety practices and behaviour, appropriate to the environments and activities in the workplace.


We offer an integrated, comprehensive and sustainable approach to HSSE management.
By assessing and analysing the existing situation we can define objectives and provide a roadmap for improvement, through monitoring at each stage of the process against performance benchmarking, laying the foundations for the journey towards continuous improvement.

We deal with all the safety matters, starting from the prior analysis up to the delivery of specific operational services.

The Building Safety Excellence™  method is based on a combination of horizontal and vertical analysis of the safety management system as well as the operational procedures and it results in an accurate intervention plan, aimed at closing any potential gap.

The approach assumes involvement at all levels of our clients’ organization, in order promote safety in becoming a shared responsibility, recognizing the value of cross-level teamwork.

Building Safety Excellence™ M is a preventive and proactive system designed to meet the zero accidents target and to build a company safety culture aligned to the best safety standards.

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